Pulp Zombies Source Book

Pulp ZombiesSuggested Retail Price: $20.00 (US)
Order Code: EDN8004
ISBN: 1-891153-85-4
Written by Jeff Tidball
Additional Material by James Lowder
Edited by M. Alexander Jurkat
Cover art by Carlos Samuel Araya
Interior Art by Steve Bryant, C. Brent Ferguson, Jason Millett, Gregory Price and Chris Stevens

What is Pulp?

Stories of exploration: adventurers penetrating the darkest, unexplored regions of the Earth.

Stories of heroism: the bold and brave foiling the nefarious plots of dastardly villains.

Stories of mystery: gritty, streetwise gumshoes wearing out their shoe leather in search of clues. Stories of weird menace: unfortunate nephews heir to Secrets Man Was Not Meant To Know. These only scratch the surface of the pulp genre.

Now add zombies!

Two-fisted high adventure just got down, dirty and disgusting . . .

Pulp Zombies is a supplement for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten role playing game. In it, you will find:

  • Extensive background on the the “Pulp Era”, including new character creation information.
  • New rules for adding gadgets and mentalism powers to your AFMBE campaign.
  • Detailed Deadworlds combining adventure and archeology in the greatest action hero tradition, pitting the characters against a demented, super-powered criminal mastermind, and tossing the Cast into the midst of a Martian invasion intent on capturing . . . well, you can probably guess.
  • A series of shorter pulp zombie settings involving strange orbital objects, tainted rice, a rare artifact and a re-animator.
  • New archetypes galore!

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, 152 pages, black and white interior

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