All Tomorrow’s Zombies

All Tomorrow's ZombiesSuggested Retail Price: $25.00 (US)
Order Code: EDN8015
ISBN: 1-933105-03-8
Written by David Carroll and Jason Vey
Edited by Thom Marrion
Cover art by Jon Hodgson
Interior Art by TBA

“My God, these things are dead! They’re already dead!”

Noise erupted directly into Jamie’s brain from every channel of her transmitter-a cacophony of blaster fire squeals, frantic cries of terror, and inhuman groans. She screamed one name after the other into her comlink, to no avail. Suddenly, just behind, rose a wet smack. It was right on top of her . . .

Welcome to flesh-eating sci-fi. It doesn’t get more intense than this! All Tomorrow’s Zombies is a supplement for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten roleplaying game, adding the undead to various styles of science fiction, and featuring the most dangerous zombies ever! In it, you’ll find:

  • Guidelines for creating alien races
  • New skills, tailored for sci-fi play
  • Rules for cybernetics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and robotics
  • New Zombie Aspects
  • Streamlined psionics rules
  • New equipment and weapons, from energy swords, blasters and pulse rifles to motion trackers and environmental suits
  • Complete starship rules, including building ships and expanded vehicle combat rules
  • Rules for cyberjacking and net running
  • Environmental rules
  • Complete guidelines for structuring a sci-fi campaign
  • Seven complete Deadworlds, demonstrating the combination of survival horror with science fiction, all ready to play or for use as examples in your own work.

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, black and white interior, 160+ pages


Dungeons and Zombies

Dungeons and ZombiesSuggested Retail Price: $24.00 (US)
Order Code: EDN8010
ISBN: 1-891153-35-8
Written by Jason Vey
Edited by Ross Isaacs
Cover art by Jon Hodgson
Interior Art by TBA

Swords, Sorcery, and Shambling!

Dungeons and Zombies is a new genre-based sourcebook for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten game line. It covers all aspects of fantasy role-playing, from gritty swords and sorcery to literary high fantasy, from King Arthur to the mysterious orient, all using the popular Unisystem rules, and compatible with Armageddon, Terra Primate, WitchCraft read more about at, and the entire Unisystem line! In it you’ll find:

  • Complete character creation guidelines for making elves, dwarves, wizards, warriors, and any type of high fantasy character you can imagine.
  • Expanded Metaphysics for use with fantasy characters, compatible with any Unisystem game.
  • Magic items and item creation
  • New Qualities, Drawbacks, and Skills uniquely suited to a high fantasy campaign.
  • Four complete and detailed Deadworlds, from Arthurian to Tolkeinesque to Oriental, and guidelines on creating your own fantasy world!
  • New archetypes, ready for play!

When all that stands between you and an eternity of rotting, all-consuming hunger is your trusty broadsword, can you make your stand?

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, black and white interior


Zombie Smack Down Source Book

Zombie SmackdownSuggested Retail Price: $23.00 (US)
Order Code: EDN8005
ISBN: 1-891153-77-3
Written by The New Gamers Order
Edited by M. Alexander Jurkat
Cover art by Gregory Price
Interior Art by Travis Ingram, Matt Morrow, Cary Polkavitz

The rotten do-gooder face was still standing!

Despite all of the damage Marauder had done, all the rules he had broken, and all the underhanded tricks he had pulled, Crusher just stood there with that sickly lopsided grin on his face.

Marauder picked up a steel chair, spun and confronted Crusher as his seemingly unstoppable foe slowly stalked toward him. Marauder took a step forward and with all of his might waffled Crusher square in the head with the chair. Crusher stumbled backwards and fell to one knee with a look of stunned amazement on his face.

No one could see it under his mask, but Marauder began to smile. Step into the squared circle for the ultimate showdown!

Zombie Smackdown is a supplement for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG. In it, you will find:

  • Expanded rules for high-flying, bone-crunching wrestling action, including how to use Heat to pull off dramatic turn of events
  • Zombie Cast Member creation for wrestling mayhem
  • New Character Types and zombie aspects to drop kick any face or heel
  • Backgrounds on four different styles of wrestling and the weapons you can but aren’t supposed to use in the ring
  • Details on combining different wrestling styles
  • Deadworlds featuring different wrestling styles and special Archetypes for each

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, black and white interior

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Worlds of the Dead: A Collection of Dead Worlds

Worlds of the DeadSuggested Retail Price: $24.00 (US)
Order Code: EDN8013
ISBN: 1-933105-01-1
Written by various
Edited by Derek Stoelting and M. Alexander Jurkat
Cover art by Jon Hodgson
Interior Art by TBA

At first, you thought it was a plague. Then you thought maybe it’s an after-school special.Now you know. It’s a front row seat for the end of worlds!

Worlds of the Dead is the first Deadworlds collection for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten roleplaying game of survival horror. Inside this rancid tome, Zombie Masters will uncover everything needed to push their players to the edge of survival-on a weekly basis!

Worlds of the Dead is filled from cover to tainted cover with Deadworlds from a variety of authors. We’ve drawn from industry professionals, up-and-coming talents, and never-before devoured acts. Then we sent them to run amuck with the dead!

This Deadworlds collection journeys from the past to the future, including stops at:

  • A world where WWI flying aces face off against an evil, undead, Red Baron over the skies of France.
  • A world where necromancers control the future of your death.
  • A world of ancient deserts where the dead refuse to remain buried beneath the sands.

Whether you need a world ready-to-play for an unexpected session, fresh ideas for your own vile plots, or that feeling of power being in control of several thousand zombies all at once, Worlds of the Dead keeps on coming . . . just like the walking dead it features.

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, black and white interior



Main Rulebook Revised EditionAFMBE Revised Mainbook Cover (click to enlarge)
Suggested Retail Price: $30.00 (US)
Order Code: EDN8020
ISBN: 1-891153-31-5
Written by Al Bruno III, CJ Carella, Richard Dakan, Jack Emmert, M. Alexander Jurkat and George Vasilakos
Based on the original concept by George Vasilakos and Christopher Shy
Edited by M. Alexander Jurkat
Cover art by Carlos Samuel Araya
Interior Art by Stephen Brotherstone, Jon Hodgson, Michael Osadciw, Brad Rigney, Christopher Shy, Dan Smith and George Vasilakos

As they approach your home, the evening wind carries their stench through the air. Your dog barks wildly, frenzied by the smell. You awaken from a restless sleep, look out your window and see staggering corpses on the move.

You are halfway down the stairs when you hear footsteps on the porch. You run into the living room and pry open your gun cabinet. As you fumble, the front door collapses from the weight of a pair of rotting corpses.

They shamble into the hall, arms outstretched, reaching for you. You unload your shotgun into them. They fall back.

To your horror, they rise . . . Welcome to the World of Survival Horror!

All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a complete roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

  • Eleven different Dead world settings allowing customization of the storyline
  • A comprehensive zombie creation system to surprise and alarm players
  • A list of equipment crucial to surviving a world of shambling horrors
  • Detailed character creation rule for Norms, Survivors and the Inspired
  • A full exposition of the Unisystem rule mechanics, suitable for any game in any time period
  • Open Game License conversion text for porting AFMBE to your favorite modern campaign

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Hardcover, 256 pages, and black and white interior

Note: This edition is no different in content than the previous two printings; only typos and errata have been corrected. The only NEW material added to this book are the Open Game License conversions in the appendix as well as a grisly new cover.