All Tomorrow’s Zombies

All Tomorrow's ZombiesSuggested Retail Price: $25.00 (US)
Order Code: EDN8015
ISBN: 1-933105-03-8
Written by David Carroll and Jason Vey
Edited by Thom Marrion
Cover art by Jon Hodgson
Interior Art by TBA

“My God, these things are dead! They’re already dead!”

Noise erupted directly into Jamie’s brain from every channel of her transmitter-a cacophony of blaster fire squeals, frantic cries of terror, and inhuman groans. She screamed one name after the other into her comlink, to no avail. Suddenly, just behind, rose a wet smack. It was right on top of her . . .

Welcome to flesh-eating sci-fi. It doesn’t get more intense than this! All Tomorrow’s Zombies is a supplement for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten roleplaying game, adding the undead to various styles of science fiction, and featuring the most dangerous zombies ever! In it, you’ll find:

  • Guidelines for creating alien races
  • New skills, tailored for sci-fi play
  • Rules for cybernetics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and robotics
  • New Zombie Aspects
  • Streamlined psionics rules
  • New equipment and weapons, from energy swords, blasters and pulse rifles to motion trackers and environmental suits
  • Complete starship rules, including building ships and expanded vehicle combat rules
  • Rules for cyberjacking and net running
  • Environmental rules
  • Complete guidelines for structuring a sci-fi campaign
  • Seven complete Deadworlds, demonstrating the combination of survival horror with science fiction, all ready to play or for use as examples in your own work.

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, black and white interior, 160+ pages


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