All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a role-playing game set in a world of survival horror.
A world where the dead have come back from their graves.
You have no clue as to why they have returned…but one thing is certain…

They crave living flesh!

Latest Updates and News

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5/23/07: All Tomorrow’s Zombies now available from DriveThruRPG.com and RPGnow.com. The book should arrive to retailers and stores in mid-June.

ies are coming… and we are looking for new players to test out new rules. If you and your gaming group are willing to actively playtest some of the upcoming sourcebooks for All Flesh Must Be Eaten, please download Eden Studios NDF and fax it to (425) 962-2593.

You must be familiar with the Unisystem and All Flesh Must Be Eaten.

You can download the NDF here: http://www.edenstudios.net/NDFplaytest.rtf

5/4/06: Worlds of the Dead is now available in stores and off our website.

2/13/06: Some of the last pieces of art are now arriving for the upcoming All Flesh Must Be Eaten sourcebook, Worlds of the Dead. We are getting ready to send this book to press – so here is an art preview of some of the deadworlds present in this book.

You can check out the art preview here:


Worlds of the Dead will be shipping in March. You can preorder your hardcopy directly from us or go to your local retailer to reserve your copy.

2/8/06: Some of the art for ARGH! Thar Be Zombies, the pirate genre sourcebook for All Flesh Must Be Eaten has been arriving ahead of schedule. So we will give you a taste of what is to come.

You can check out the art preview here:


1/27/06: Argh! Thar Be Zombies announced for July 2006 release.

1/25/06: We started getting in art for the upcoming Sci-Fi sourcebook All Tomorrow’s Zombies for All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Check out these two chapter openers by Matt Morrow:


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