ZM Screen Errata
Sometimes mistakes matter how long we work on a book.
These mistakes will be corrected in future printruns.


Screen, Armor Value Table: The following text should be applied to the armor marked by an “*”, and to the leather jacket and padded/quilt cloth armor.

 “Archaic and softer armors are not designed to stop high-velocity bullets. For such armor, divide the AV by 2 when using normal bullets, and by 3 when using armor-piercing bullets. Do not double the AV when struck by hollow-point bullets.”

Screen, Outcome Table: The line under “13-14: Third Level (Good)” reading “Combat: This is the roll needed to target a specific body part, or to hit a vital area” should be replaced with the following: “Combat: This is the roll needed to hit a relatively small and specifically targeted area, or to accomplish a tricky shot or strike (for strikes at specific body parts, see p. 104).”

Screen, Targeting Specific Body Parts Chart: The Head entry should read: “Head: -4 to hit. Blunt damage is doubled; slashing/piercing is tripled. Bullet type damage is modified by two levels (i.e., armor-piercing bullets inflict triple damage, normal bullets inflict four times damage, etc.).”

Page 4: The Additional Material line in the credits should include Colin Chapman, who supplied the Flying, Wall Crawling, Essence Sense, and Vomit zombie Aspects. (We have been issued the appropriate number of demerits.)

Page 26: June Banyon should have "Life Points" listed, not "Dead Points". She is one of the living, not a zombie.


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