Str 2 Dex 4 Con 2
Int 2 Per 3 Wil 2
LPs 26
EPs 23
Spd 12
Essence 15

Contacts (Criminal) 2 (2)
Covetous (Greedy) (-2)
Fast Reaction Time (2)
Nerves of Steel (3)
Resources (Miserable) (-8)
Situational Awareness (2)

Acrobatics 3
Brawling 2
Climbing 4
Dodge 3
Escapism 1
Haggling 2
Notice 3
Pick Pocket 3
Running (Dash) 4
Running (Marathon) 2
Stealth 3
Streetwise 3



Dark in 'ere ain't it?

And they said I were gettin' too big. Said it was against the law. Like the law means much down 'ere in the East End. I've fitted up smaller pipes than this. I know me chimneys, I can tell yer.

Old Salt knows it too. That's probly why 'e kept me on. Now I go down chimneys instead of up 'em. There's rich pickin's for a little fella like me. An' if I need a little extra, then there's always the marks on the street. Tip 'o the cap, "Sweep the street, Sir" and hook the money after they pay.

Oh yes, I've done it all me, an' I know this city like the back o' me 'and. Even Old Salt can 'ave trouble keepin' up wi' me.

I've walked the banks of the river, lifted purses in the markets, ferreted me way in an' out of 'ouses an' across their roofs and sifted through the muck in the sewers for anything that'll shine. Magpie's what Old Salt calls me; 'is 'Little Magpie'. Course, with the fog comin' down it's even easier.

An' I seen some strange stuff of late. Bodies, more n' usual turning up on the banks and in the sewer drains. I worried a bit meself, but the tides seem to take 'em away right sharp. You 'ave to grab what you can get before they're gone. An' folks goin' missin'. Every day now it seems. Some folks say they've taken 'em to the workhouses, but that ain't right. I know 'cause I seen some of 'em. At a distance, like, 'cause they look none too healthy, like they's got a dose or somethin'.

I can still 'ear 'im down there, though 'e ain't makin' much noise, just shufflin' 'round. I can't believe the bleeder ain't called a peeler. An' I can't believe he caught up wi' me. That mark may 'ave been slow, but I swears to God 'imself he'd of pursued me to the very gates of 'ell if I hadn't got up 'ere right smart.

I can understand 'he's upset an' all, but even 'e must understand; a fella's gotta eat.

"Dark in 'ere ain't it?"


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