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In this Story, the zombies take second fiddle to another nemesis; a group of bloodthirsty soldiers led by a mad scientist who holds a "secret" to the undead menace. Dr. Phillip Lloyd, a government geneticist and virologist, was vainly attempting to discover the antidote to the toxin that the zombies seem to carry in their saliva. A month or so after initial attacks, Dr. Lloyd's researches were miraculously successful while he was in the field. He injected himself first, then the squad of soldiers who had been assisting him.

Lloyd and his men became the first humans immune to the deadly bite of the undead. There were other benefits to the serum. Made from the fluids that flow through a zombie's undead veins, those that were inoculated found themselves a little stronger and tougher than before. They also found that, when faced with a horde of hungry undead, they were completely ignored. Unfortunately, although they did not realize this, their basic judgment was also severely impaired, and they began to develop various mental problems depending on their individual make-up. Perhaps worst of all, they found that they had developed an unquenchable thirst to drink the blood of living humans. Their twisted psyches seemed to find this an acceptable price to pay, and they became a pack of merciless predators, feeding happily on the blood of unchanged humans.


The NPC's and Bad Guys

         Episode Two: Observation

Any of the Archetypes presented in the All Flesh Must Be Eaten rulebook may be used in this setting.

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