Final Episode: Success...

The Cast Members can consider themselves victors if they save their loved one and stop the Neo-Vampires (of course if they left any alive, they will be pursued unto the ends of the earth). They should be awarded with experience points for the basics of any good roleplaying situation: staying in character, ingenuity, heroics, and the like.

Obvious to any scrounge-happy Cast Member, though, are the other benefits of this adventure. If they can pull it off without blowing anything up, they can conceivably get a couple of hummers, a lot of weaponry, and other useful items from this adventure. The lure of this kind of stuff may well be the primary incentive for the other Cast Members who have no loved ones. If the ZM wants to control the number of toys that the group carries about, then she should think about how to keep such items out of the hands of the Cast Members.

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