Private Eye

Str 1 Dex 2 Con 2
Int 4 Per 4 Wil 3
LPs 22
EPs 23
Spd 8
Essence 16

Contacts (Police) 2 (2)
Delusions of Grandeur (The Greatest Mind in the Empire) (-1)
Honorable (-2)
Photographic Memory (2)
Status (1)
Showoff (-2)

Disguise 1
Dodge 2
First Aid 1
Hand Weapon (Foil/Rapier) 1
Humanities (Law) 2
Humanities (Psychology) 1
Notice 4
Questioning 2
Research/Investigation 2
Riding (Horse) 1
Running (Dash) 1
Science (Biology) 2
Science (Chemistry) 2
Science (Physics) 2
Smooth Talking 2
Surveillance 2
Tracking 2



Sword Cane, Pipe and Tobacco, Notebook, Magnifying Glass

There are few mysteries that have beaten me, there really are. But I am at a loss to explain this one, I really am.

A "locked room" mystery to perplex even the greatest mind in England.

Where to start?

I suppose I should start with the body.

I was called in to examine, in a preliminary way, one of "Whitechapel Jack's" victims.

The strangest case. "Mutilated" the press called it, but that I surmise would be the work of someone at the Yard, for no mutilation was this. The cuts were made with such precision, such exactitude, that even a cursory examination revealed that much. No hacking knife, no furious stab of a violent scoundrel was this, but the work of a master of the medical arts.

There was more to this crime than met the eye, and much to be considered, many layers to be revealed. The work of an undertaker? An abbatoirist? I would need to make a more complete examination with a doctor present if I were to garner clues enough to capture the elusive "Jack the Ripper."

Such an important case then, that I met with astonishment the news that the body was missing. "Walked of it's own accord" indeed! With witnesses gathered from the nearest opium den I have been left with few clues. One thing was clear though -- "Whitechapel Jack" had returned for his victim.

So now I chase a murderer and a body thief. The clues point to the East End; the very home of iniquity. There we shall see who has dared commit such heinous crimes.

There we shall see who has dared pit their wits against one of the greatest minds of the Empire!

"I am one of the greatest minds in the Empire! Who here will try to challenge my wits?"


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