Omega Soldier
New Monster
By Jon Thompson

Str 7 Dex 3 Con 2
Int 3 Per Wil 2
DPs 70
EPs n/a
Spd 18
Essence 6

Attack: Usually by weapon or by hand to hand

Weak Spot: All (but will fight until completely depleted)

Getting Around: The Quick Dead; Leaping; Climbing

Strength: Monstrous Strength; Damage Resistant; Flame Resistant (+1)

Senses: Like A Hawk; Infravision

Sustenance: Weekly; Sweet Breads (Pituitary Gland). The Omega Soldier must feed on the pituitary gland of a freshly killed human once every week or suffer the effects of starvation.

Intelligence: Problem Solving; Teamwork; Language

Spreading the Love: Special. Humans may only be turned into Omega Soldiers by receiving a specialized injection treatment with Compound D.  This may only be performed on a dead body, and it is a more complicated procedure than it sounds.  As of yet, the Omega Soldiers themselves do not know how to create more of themselves.

Power: 60 + (total skill levels)



Special Omega Soldier Aspects:
Regeneration (+2)

Skills: Note that the Omega Soldier has all of its military skills still in tact.  The Soldier/SWAT Archetype (AFMBE, p. 78) may be referenced for a list, but note that many Omega Soldiers have higher ratings here and there, as well as diversified abilities, especially when it comes to weapons.

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