Omega File
Story Ideas

American Evil

In this scenario, the Cast Members are either foreigners living on or near a foreign U.S. base or living (as in live) personnel from that base.  The zombie revolution begins, and the players must stop the base from being overrun.  The Omega Soldier force may vary from small to enormous, and their armaments may run the full gamut as well.  For a tougher adventure, give them bigger guns.

At the basic level, the players must stop the Omega Soldiers from running amuck, but as the plot unfolds (perhaps some secret military files on the project were left at the base), they realize what's truly going on.  They then learn that the government of the native country has mistaken the "revolution" for an attack by the U.S. and is planning a counterattack (perhaps even a nuclear counterattack . . .).  Obviously, the players must stop this before it happens.  Oh, and did we mention that if the Omega Soldiers get their hands on those secret files, they just might learn the secret to cloning themselves.  Things are starting to look beefy.

Sailing The Bloody Seas 

This adventure is a little bit lower on the fodder factor, but still plenty tough.  The Cast Members are either crewmembers or passengers on a navy vessel (the navy has, thankfully, not started using the Omega Soldiers on its ships).  The ship is a large carrier vessel that is transporting a sizeable contingent of Omega Soldiers to a port in Hawaii.  Unfortunately, the soldiers get a little hungry along the way and decide to kill off the crew and try their hand at sailing the ship themselves.  Most of the crew is slaughtered as they sleep, completely unsuspecting.

The Cast Members must stop the Omega Soldiers from taking over the ship and, hopefully, make it back to port alive.  Given the confines of the ship, this could be a difficult task, and there is one other complication.  Some important high-level crewmembers had been hitching a ride to a rendezvous with a nuclear submarine in Hawaii.  If the Omega Soldiers play their cards right, they just might snatch themselves a stealthy little sub with a payload of thirty-two medium range nukes, ready to launch.


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