The Omega File
Written by By Jon Thompson

Everyone thought it was wonderful at first.  Finally the country was safe.  Finally we had established a military that could not be stopped.  We had soldiers without fear, soldiers who felt no pain, soldiers that simply could not die . . . because they were already dead.

The Omega Soldier is the latest in military advancements.  After years of research, the Army's scientists developed a method for bringing dead soldiers back to life.  They lacked many of the "human" attributes that they had possessed in life, but they retained all of their military knowledge and physical abilities.  In fact, these undead soldiers quickly became stronger than their living counterparts.  Their lack of humanity was frightening at first, but after they were tested in the field (secretly during a staged revolution in a corner of the globe), all worries were quelled.  The Omega Soldiers charged into battle fearlessly and conquered with impunity.  Their superior strength and endurance, as well as their ability to take massive amounts of damage before being stopped, made them absolutely perfect.

Slowly the living U.S. Army was replaced with the dead U.S. Army.  Public shock was surprisingly low.  The draft was eliminated and loved ones would no longer come home in body bags, so people were pretty happy.

But then things started to go wrong.  The scientists had always noted a certain viciousness, a certain bloodlust, in the soldiers, but this was seen as positive.  These are, after all, soldiers.  Besides, the government had its ace in the hole.  The Omega Soldiers could not survive without regular injections of a substance known as Compound D, which made them completely dependent upon their masters.  All went well . . . until the Omega Soldiers figured out that Compound D was little more than an enzyme found in the human pituitary gland.  The government no longer had a leash to hold these monsters back, and they got hungry.

Soldiers stationed abroad were the first to go, attacking and killing all living humans on their bases and then launching strategic (that's right, strategic) attacks upon the countries they were stationed in.  The U.S. instantly found itself at war with half of the civilized world.  But things did not get really bad until the soldiers at home started attacking.  The U.S. was then at war internally and externally, and it had no army to defend itself.  The Omega forces abroad did rather well against their opponents, and only a few countries were able to eliminate or significantly fight back this foreign threat.  Several countries have also begun launching their own strikes against the mainland U.S. New York, Anchorage, Hawaii, and Houston have all been nuked (several attempts were made on D.C., but all were shot down).  It is rumored that a nuclear counterstrike by the U.S. is imminent.

In short, this situation is not good.  The most powerful military force in the world has gone AWOL, and Armageddon may very well be soon at hand.

Story Ideas

The Omega Soldiers

Any of the Archetypes presented in the All Flesh Must Be Eaten rulebook may be used in this setting.


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