New Monster

Str 3 Dex 3 Con 4
Int 3 Per 3 Wil 4
DPs 15
EPs n/a
Spd 2
Essence 10

Brawl 2
Language (local area) 5

Claw: D6(3) x Strength damage
Bite: 6 damage/Turn

Weak Spot
Heart (+7)
Blessed Objects (holy symbols and holy water) (-4)
Sunlight (D10 damage/minute of exposure) (-5)
Can't enter churches or sacred places (-1)
Can't cross running water (-2)

Getting Around
Slow and Steady (0)
Burrowing (+3)
Leaping (+3)

Strong Like Bull (+5)
Iron Grip (+1)
Claws (+8)
Teeth (+4)

Like the Dead (0)
Scent Tracking (Perception 2) (+1)

Occasionally (+2)
Blood (-2)

Language (+1)
Animal Cunning (+2)

Spreading the Love
Only the Dead (the Nosferatu must drink enough blood to kill) (-2)

Special Features
Regeneration (1 DP/minute) (+2)

Power: 28

The Nosferatu are the vampires from classical medieval mythology. People now see vampires as Dracula from the novel by Bram Stoker. In modern legend, vampires are viewed as romantic, well-dressed men and women out for a little romance and a little blood. They are beautiful Incubi and Succubi who lure in those of the opposite gender, charm them, wine and dine them, have sex with them, then drink of their vitæ. Quite a make-over, actually. In the medieval myths, vampires were nothing but animated corpses that got up at night, drank blood, and then went back to "sleep" before dawn. They looked just like our classical zombies, too! They were decayed and definitely dead-looking. People feared them at night, but scoffed at the thought during the day. Men and women of all faiths around the world knew of these nocturnal monstrosities and carried about them blessed objects and water just for the purpose of defending themselves and their families from the beasts. Enough Ann Rice, it's time to bring back the "real" vampires! Now, the Nosferatu are available in All Flesh Must Be Eaten to scare and challenge your players and their characters.  Enjoy!

Submitted by Nick Scheman

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