A hand held pistol that shoots a red laser beam and makes a goofy "pew pew" sound.  It is made for large hands, giving humans a -1 skill penalty to using it. The appropriate skill is Guns (Laser Gun).

Range: 20/100/300/1200/2000
Damage: D6 x 5(15)
Cap: Infinite battery, but overheats after 10 Turns of use and must cool for 15 Turns.
EV: 2/1
Cost: N/A
Avail: Plenty on board ship

A bigger gun that makes a bigger, but still goofy sound. Destroys any matter its beam comes in contact with.  It is also made for large hands and confers a skill penalty of -1 to any humans trying to wield it. The appropriate skill is Guns (Photon Gun).

Range: 10/30/50/100/200
Damage: D10 x 8(40)
Cap: 1-10
EV: 8/4
Cost: N/A
Avail: A little harder to find

So termed because of the huge sucking noise it makes when fired, this gun is absolutely huge.  It has a full body mount that fits over the user's shoulders with the gun being mounted right over the person's head.  It can reasonably fit most average-sized humans. The appropriate skills is Guns (Such Blaster).

Range: 50/150/450/1200/5000
Dam: D20 x 10(100)
Cap: 15-30
EV: 48/24
Cost: N/A
Avail: There are only a few of these on board, and they are in enemy hands

This is a relatively small round, saucer-shaped space ship.  It is leant to the players by the survivors to get on board.

Weight: 7000
Speed: Mach 6/Anything in between (bear in mind that humans tend not to survive easily past Mach 3)
Acceleration: 500
Range: .5 light years
Toughness: 20
Armament: None
Handling: 15
DC: 500
AV: 600 (200 body+400 shields)
Accuracy: N/A
Cost: N/A
Availability: N/A


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