New Creatures

These are security robots that bear a very strange resemblance to flying motorcycles with heads and arms.  They do just what their name implies.  Note that each is programmed to operate independently of the mainframe computer if necessary.

Weight: 500
Speed: 50/15
Acceleration: 15
Range: Unlimited
Toughness: 3
Handling: 6
DC: 80
AV: 3
Accuracy: 5
Physical Stats: Str 7; Dex 6; Per 6; Int 5
Armaments: Two Lasers, one Photon Gun (both as above).  One in twenty is equipped with a Suck Canon.  All may attack with claws for D6(3) x Strength, or ram for D8 x 5(20) damage.


These are big, brutish mutated aliens that are very good at killing and smashing things.  They basically look like a normal alien, but much bigger and meaner, with a set of huge, crab-like claws (in addition to arms), plenty of spikes and horns, and big, massive jaws.  They too are undead.

Str: 8 Con: 6 Dex: 5
Int: 1 Per: 2 Wil: 3
LPS: 75
EPs: 150
Spd: 6
Essence: 12
Attack: Claw damage D8 x 8(32); Bite D4 x 8(16)


These are the peaceful aliens before they have been corrupted by the virus.  Their stats are presented just in case they are necessary.

Str: 2 Con: 3 Dex: 3
Int: 7 Per: 6 Wil: 4
LPS: 25
EPs: 42
Spd: 3
Essence: 45
Attacks: None special; Prefers weapon use
Special Abilities: Super-advanced technology, telepathy, crazy bodily probes


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