Str 1 Dex 2 Con 2
Int 3 Per 3 Wil 3
LPs 22
EPs 23
Spd 8
Essence 26

Artistic Talent (Oratory) (3)
Charisma (2)
Covetous (Ambitious) (-2)
Status (2)

Acting 2
Bureaucracy 3
Gambling 1
Humanities (History) 2
Humanities (Law) 3
Humanities (Political Science) 3
Notice 3
Research/Investigation 2
Riding (Horse) 1
Rituals (Parliament) 4
Smooth Talking 3
Writing (Advocacy) 3



Fine Suit of Clothes, Timepiece, Horse and Carriage with Driver, Walking Stick (for stately effect), Purse of Money

I have been turned away for the last time damn it!

This city, no this country, has a problem and it needs its Queen. This melancholy must come to an end. Someone must make her see sense, for the good of the country. If it has to be me, then so be it, but I have to find my way past her "guardians" first.

It's almost as if she is being kept prisoner; "For the Queen's safety," they say. Is there an assassin in the Palace? Is the Queen in danger? Why hasn't Parliament been informed?

Who would attack Her Majesty?

Probably one of the extended family. There's no secret there about their family infighting.

But she has bigger problems. London is in chaos. It's almost lawless in the East End, with the commoners attacking each other and our valiant police force, with a murderer running around making a mockery of the whole system and fuelling the whole mess.

Parliament will pass the laws, but the people still look to the Crown, and there's growing talk of discontent among the workers. If the people learn to get along without the guidance of the Queen, what need is there of the Crown?

It'll be chaos. Anarchy. We stand on the very brink. The people ruling the country!?  Preposterous.

So find the Queen. Talk to her. Remind her of her duty. Make her see sense.

If she doesn't quickly take a hand in events, soon there'll be no country to rule.

"We must remind the Queen of her duty or there won't be an Empire left."


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