Recon Marine/Special Forces

Str 4 Dex 3 Con 4
Int 3 Per 3 Wil 3
LPs 57 (34)
EPs 38
Spd 14
Essence 20

Addiction (Alcohol) (-2)
Addiction (Smoking) (-1)
Fast Reaction Time (2)
Good Luck 1 (3)
Hard to Kill 5 (5)
Nerves of Steel (3)
Recurring Nightmares (-1)
Situational Awareness (2)

Acrobatics 2
Brawling 2
Climbing 1
Computers 1
Craft (Weaponsmith) 2
Demolition 2
Dodge 2
First Aid 1
Guns (Assault Rifle) 3
Guns (Handgun) 3
Hand Weapon (Knife) 2
Martial Arts 2
Mechanic 2
Notice 2
Stealth 2
Surveillance 1
Survival (Forest) 2
Swimming 1
Traps 2

H&K MP5 SD3 (silencer/supressor, laser sight and no stock), 12 Magazines (30 rounds in a clip), 9mm P. M9 SD (silencer and laser sight), 4 Magazines (15 rounds in a clip), 9mm Standard Combat Knife

Camouflage Fatigues, Guillie Suit (snipers hide-suit, but is also used by Force Recon, or Special Forces units), A.L.I.C.E. Ruck (backpack), Combat Boots, Combat Webbing, 2 Canteens, Climbing Gear (75 feet of rope, grappling hook and D-rings), Compass, Flashlight, Goggles (Nightvision), First Aid Kit, 6 MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat), TACcom (unit radio), Thigh Holster

Courage, Strength and the completion of the mission at all costs, even to the last man. Honor came last. If you where standing after the OP was completed, and the men in your team was alive, the OP was successful. Everybody comes home, everybody.

Kind of hard to say this, but I am expendable. My soul purpose in this world is to make sure every mission is completed. And with a high hostile body count.

There's nothing like a mission that goes sour. 

We where called in, Bravo two-two, my old unit. Our Mission objective was to take out an X-CIA spook that was now in bed with the cocaine monkeys. Our orders where simple, get in, take out the objective, and slip out to the abstraction site. Boy were we in for some real serious shit.

We completed our insertion, two klicks, south-by-south-east. The eight of us made our way to the villa. It was dark, but the moon was full. Our Nightspecs highlighted everything in a green hue, which made humping the jungle a walk in the park.

Our pointman moved the team closer to the villa. We came across a couple patrols, but our guille suits helped us blend in to the jungle like chameleons. They didn't even know we where there. It would have been so easy to cut their throats. The thought of blood, rolling down my hands, as I brought the knife from ear to ear and the blood-curling gurgle, made my thirst for the hunt more compelling.

We finally reached the villa. We moved in to setup our security teams so the primary team could take out the objective. Then, we where compromised, and all hell broke loose. Our team leader gave us orders over the TACcoms -- beat feet to Rallypoint alpha. I was moving around a corner and ran eye to eye with a hostile, I stuck my H&K MP5 SD3 into his chest and squeezed off a burst. He went down, I smirked behind my camouflaged mask of face paint. Sweat trickled from my brow and then into my eyes, my partner tapped me on the shoulder and signaled with his hands to move forward.

As I moved forward, a man came out of one of the rooms ahead. From his facial features, I knew this was the objective. I brought my weapon up and squeezed the trigger. The objective went down as I riddled the spook with lead. I turned on my heel and reloaded. My partner took my place and emptied his weapon into the objective and followed suit. I rammed another magazine into my weapon and racked the slide.

What was odd was that, after I reloaded, the hostile I dropped not more than a minute ago was rising. I depressed my trigger and sent a burst into his chest, but the bastard didn't go down. My partner got into it as well. We both looked at each other in confusion. I set my laser sight on the crook of his nose and depressed the trigger. Finally, the hostile went down. From behind me, my partner screamed. I looked back and what I saw str uck terror in me. They spook we riddled with lead had ripped his throat out and was eating it. I stood there and watched -- for how long, I have no idea. I stepped back and the thing looked up at me. From what I could see through my nightspecs, its eyes where clear white. At that point, I knew this bastard was dead. I turned and ran. I ran for a long time. All I knew was, I had to get as far away from that thing as possible.

Heh, I wish I could forget all that has happened, but I know I will never forget those eyes. Those lifeless eyes . . .

"Get some, get some. I got some lead for you deaders, come and get it."

Submitted by Joshua Mancuso

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