(Submitted by Thor Jarle Tømmerås)


This "weapon" is usable on slowmoving zombies (think the "Braindead" movie). It minces the target into small pieces in a matter of few Turns. This is a motorized, "walk behind" lawnmower version.

Damage: D12(6) x (Strength +1) per Turn

EV: 26/13

Cost: $260 

Avail: C 

Initiative Penalty: A person weilding a lawnmower always moves last in a Turn.

Special: The bulk of the lawnmower blocks any close combat attacks against the weilder, except those to the legs. Given the weight of the lawnmower, the user must have a minimum Strength of 3. Jurying rigging a harness of some sort serves to lower the minimum Strength to 2.

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