A complicated fast acting, formula (biochemical in composition), Jack's Serum is designed to keep cells animated independently from the brain. The haste in which it was created did not allow for the refinement needed to target individual cell types, and as such affects them all with the exception of the brain itself. Separate parts are animated, but need time (approximately three days) to find a way to work with each other around any losses they may have incurred (with organs missing) or without the central direction of the brain itself.

Direct injection of the Serum acts as a highly effective poison, killing the brain pretty much instantly, whilst the major organs are kept "alive." The serum later filter its way through the body, reanimating cells as it goes. This leads to "twitchy" zombies initially,  but as the serum begins to find paths in the body, the zombie becomes stronger and more coordinated.

Any parts transplanted from serum-injected body carry their own supply of serum to the new host, which begins to adapt to and corrupt the new body, lending it strength, but weakening, and ultimately killing, the brain. Similarly the Serum can be carried through body fluids (blood, saliva, etc.), causing the victim of the Serum to grow steadily physically stronger, but progressively mentally weaker.

The "new" cells need energy and protein to maintain themselves, and this requires food.


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