The Palace
Story Ideas

  Something fishy is going on in the Palace. Gossip abounds that the Queen is ill, and certain ministers and "foreign types" will pay well for "reliable" information from those on the inside. You know the Royal Physician has been in attendance a lot, and gossip has linked him with the serving girl who so recently went missing (has he had her shipped out of the city after some indiscretion?). The Cast are to find out what they can on anyone or anything that happens at the Palace. It's not really disloyalty -- the truth must be known for the good of England as well.

  The Ambassador has come back from London extremely ill, and his behavior has much changed since his return. He has had to be locked up for his own good and for the good of others. Unusual that some of his travel companions have begun to show some of the same symptoms. Was the Ambassador poisoned?  No one at Victoria' s Royal Court is saying a thing. Something happened and it is up to The Cast to find out. This could mean war.


Character Archetypes

"I will go to any extent to find out any information."

Palace Attendant
"The Palace will run smooth like it always has, as long as I am alive."

"We must remind the Queen of her duty or there won't be an Empire left."

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