The Law
Story Ideas

  The Cast play the parts of the police. There is a killer in Whitechapel that needs catching. The characters are responsible for tracking and trapping the killer through the opium and absinthe dens of Victorian London.

  The Cast are charged with finding the person responsible for body snatching the murder victims. Police are puzzled by the apparent "locked room" scenarios where the only explanation for the missing body is that it walked out of its own volition.

  Violent attacks in the East End are growing in number. An area largely left to its own devices by the police, The Cast are to find the cause of these attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Character Archetypes

The Doctor
"A disease? A mania? It is high time to get to the bottom of this mystery."

Private Eye
"I am one of the greatest minds in the Empire! Who here will try to challenge my wits?"

"Ah The East End all the flilth and muck end up'ere eventually."

Scotland Yard Inspector
"Well, what're you waiting for? Move gentlemen! I've seen more life in a grave!"

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