Jack -- An Alternative History Deadworld
Written by By Andrew Ferguson (Ferg)


1888. London. The very heart of the British Empire.

Britain leads the world in technological progress, and the world map is painted in the red ink of the Empire.  Newspapers constantly report the innovations of inventors and the exploits of explorers, who are pushing back boundaries both geographically and scientifically. In the eyes of the world, the success of the country is reflected in the pride of the people for its Queen, and many are heard to say that "the sun never sets on the British Empire."

But all is not as it seems. While the wealthy eat well in their city houses, the poor starve on the streets, destitute and ignored; their population constantly swollen by those starving in the countryside who now seek the roads of London which are "paved with gold." Crime is rife and the poorer areas of the city pose great dangers for newcomers and the unwary. There is an air of dissatisfaction in the city. The Queen's long absence from the public eye following the death of her husband Prince Albert in 1861 has been unpopular with the lower classes, who feel abandoned and mistreated by those who would rule them.

Change is coming.

Involving the Cast

The Law

The Palace

The Streets

Any of the Archetypes presented in the All Flesh Must Be Eaten rulebook may be used in this setting. The following additional Archetypes are specific to Jack.

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