Hungry, Hungry Martians
Story Ideas


In this scenario, the aliens have sent down a scout party to do a final investigation of the planet and to take some samples of the cuisine.  They chose the small town of Bishop, South Dakota and landed just outside it.  The aliens plan on hosting their very first American barbeque, and the whole town is invited.

The Cast Members are either locals or travelers passing through.  The town is very small, so nothing too fancy should be allowed.  The adventure is fairly straightforward, but may take any number of directions.  The aliens could land and stalk the townspeople one by one, or they could go in guns blazing.

As far as a resolution is concerned, this could go any number of ways too.  Remember that this is a scouting party, so if they find anything that would deter them from landing, they will report to the mother ship. This might delay or prevent the landing.  Furthermore, the scouting party's ship is wired to the mother ship's mainframe, so the players could conceivably crack into it and download something quite interesting, like say . . . a complete map of all planned landing sites.  Of course, convincing the government that the aliens finally are coming is a task in and of itself.

Then again, if the players do not do so well, then this adventure could just be one big, fat appetizer.

The Survivors 

In this scenario, the aliens have already landed, and things are not going too well for Earth.  Asia has been largely wiped out, Europe stands to fall next, and North America is on the brink of collapse.  Only South America awaits harvesting by the aliens.  The invasion went very smoothly, and the high susceptibility of the humans to the zombie virus made things fall apart that much quicker.

Fortunately for the humans, they have been presented with what may just be their ace in the hole, and it came from, of all places, outer space.  A ship full of living survivors from the aliens' home world landed in Cape Canaveral, Florida (note that all cities with facilities for constructing space-faring craft have been spared . . . so far).  They do not have a cure for the virus, but they do know how to shut down the aliens' computer system and stop the invasion.

A band of heroes (the Cast Members) is assembled rapidly and shot into space with the equipment and info that will hopefully save the world.  Their mission is to infiltrate the mother ship and shut it down, destroying anything possible along the way.  On board the mother ship, they are faced with the fiercest of the aliens' forces, including many things that have yet to be seen or unleashed.

If things go well, the Cast Members shut down the computer network, thus disabling most of the invading aliens' major equipment and cutting them off from their center of intelligence.  Hopefully, the players will be able to blow up the mother ship and make it out alive to tell about it.  While up there, the players might discover that the aliens did in fact find a cure for their condition.  A small group of alien scientists discovered one just before being slaughtered by their fellow alien zombies.  All that remains are their notes.  If these are recovered then a cure can be manufactured, and humanity just might stand a chance of living through this.


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