Hungry, Hungry Martians 
Written by By Jon Thompson

It seemed mankind's crowning moment -- a time when the whole world was frozen, watching together over their televisions as our most defining moment in history was made.  Visitors had landed.  Aliens.  Finally, after centuries of speculation and ceaseless stargazing, humans realized that they truly were not alone.

They landed on a Tuesday in early March in a small, New Jersey town just a short ways from New York.  The news cameras were there instantly, ready to document the footage and broadcast it live to the entire world.  An emissary from the government was dispatched quickly to establish contact.  He strode forward towards the vessel with an M.P. to either side of him.  As he approached a door opened, and a platform lowered down.  Down it walked two small, grey aliens.  They had tiny, skinny bodies with huge, egg-shaped heads and big, dark eyes (you know the type).

The emissary extended his hand firmly and confidently to welcome the strangers.  One of them stepped forward and examined the appendage carefully, inquisitively.  Then the alien took the emissary's hand into his own and shook it . . . and then bit right into it.

What follows happened in mere seconds.  The emissary screamed in pain, fighting to get his gnawed hand back.  One of the M.P.s fired a round into the attacking alien, but it simply continued to eat.  The other M.P. fired a round into the other alien's head, blowing half of it across the ground.  He was eaten first.  More aliens got out of the vessel, then more vessels landed.

Now humanity stands in what could be the twilight of its days.  The aliens have landed everywhere, and their only objective seems to be consuming the flesh of living humans.  What's worse is that all humans bitten by the aliens are soon turned into zombies themselves.  However, the humans have far less selective tastes and have taken to eating everything with a drop of blood in it.  If something is not done soon, then the world will soon be consumed by zombies.

There is a story behind these aliens, unknown to any human being.  The aliens used to be a peaceful people, who lived in a world that was a virtual paradise.  They had discovered our world and had, in fact, been biding their time before they would land and impart their secrets on to us, so that we too could live in perpetual bliss.  But then something happened.  A strange virus of cosmic origin landed on their planet and began to rapidly infect the aliens.  Their vital functions ceased, and they were overcome with an unstoppable urge to consume living flesh.  In short, they became zombies.  Once their world had been decimated, the aliens piled into their space ships and made their way over to ours.  The Earth became little more than a juicy nectarine, ripe for the plucking.

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