Hair Spray
(Submitted by Tom Redding)

This item may be used as a short range or thrown incendiary weapon.

As a short-range weapon, hair spray and a lighter are capable of very intense heat. They will ignite dry or flammable material. All damage is immediately applied unless other flammable material is ignited, unlike Molotovs or flamethrowers. Consider it a miniature, disposable flamethrower. Each can fire 2-12 (random 2d6) shots in a cone of fire up to 2 yards (meters) away. Should the final Task result be negative in any attempt to use the hair spray as a short-range weapon, the fire enters the can and it explodes in the user's hand (see below).

Rng: -/1/2/-/-

Damage: D4(2)

Cap: 2-12 

EV: 1/1 

Cost: $8 

Avail: C 

 As a thrown weapon, hair spray is not very aerodynamic. Still, if tossed in the right place at the right time (i.e., in a fireplace as zombies enter the living room), it explodes as a miniature incendiary grenade, causing D6x2(6) points of fire damage. Use a Strength and Thrown (Sphere) Task to use, as for grenades and Molotov cocktails.

Rng: 2/5/8/10/15
Cap: 1 

Area effects: 

Ground Zero= 1

General= 3

Max Rng= 4

Exp Damage:

Ground Zero= D4x3(6)

General= D4x2(4)

Max Rng= D4(2)

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