Dead Camp Warden

Str 3 Dex 3 Con 2
Int 2 Per 2 Wil 2
DPs 30
EPs 26
Spd 10
Essence 14

Nerves of Steel (3)
Situational Awareness (2) 

Brawling 2
Climbing 2
Computers 2
Dodge 3
First Aid 2
Guns (Rifle) 3
Hand Weapon (Knife) 3
Hand Weapon (Police Baton) 3
Intimidation 3
Questioning 3
Running 2
Surveillance 2

Police Baton, Rifle, Black Uniform

Some say I'm a traitor to humanity. They're wrong, of course. I'm an opportunist -- humanity has been replaced as the superior species, and I want to make sure I'm one of those who advances, not one who gets left behind. This is the perfect opportunity for me to get back at those who said I'd never amount to anything, anyway.

Does it bother me that I'm running a Dead Camp? No--I got rank and privileges. I run a breeding camp, so naturally, I also get the pick of the finest playthings you can only dream about. Those that don't do as I say get processed, and those people are never seen again.

Yeah, I know what's going on -- I've seen the dead come back with a craving for flesh, but I've also seen the guys who replaced mankind. I'd be more afraid of them than the zombies any day of the week.

So you can call me any names you want to call me -- I'll remember them when you come to my camp. I look forward to seeing you there.

"Looks like you're next to be inspected. Hm . . . firm, tight. No blemishes. Yup, you'll be perfect."



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