Feeding Time
Story Ideas

The following approaches can be used in the Feeding Time setting as they are, or modified by the Zombie Master. Enjoy!

Underground Railroad 
The Cast Members are part of a faction who brave their way into the zombie-infested lands in order to rescue humans from the Dead Camps. This may be a doomed effort, as some people may be fooled into believing they're safe -- thanks to their Necrovore captors. It will be up to Cast to convince the prisoners of the danger they are in.

If You Can't Beat Them . . . 
The Cast Members are on the side of the Necrovores -- hunting zombies for their unearthly masters! But what happens to them when their usage is up? What do you think? Hopefully, they'll want to survive, which can lead to . . .

Race For Your Life! 
The Necrovores have the Cast in custody one way or another, but are in a sporting mood: They will give the PCs a possibility for freedom. If they can escape the Necrovores for 24 hours, they may leave unmolested. It's a most dangerous game, but it's the only chance the PCs have, and who is to say the Necrovores will honor the deal, anyway?

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