Ex-Dead Camp Resident

Str 3 Dex 4 Con 4
Int 3 Per 3 Wil 4
DPs 53
EPs 38
Spd 16
Essence 21

Attractiveness (2)
Fast Reaction Time (2)
Good Luck 2 (6)
Hard To Kill 5 (5)
Obsession (Freedom) (-2)
Recurring Nightmares (-1)

Acting 5
Brawling 3
Climbing 3
Dodge 3
Driving (Car) 2
Guns (Shotgun) 3
Haggling 4
Intimidate 3
Notice 3
Seduction 2
Smooth Talking 4


Shotgun, Sunglasses

I had it all. Fame, fortune, a beautiful lover -- then the dead came back to hunt us. I thought things couldn't get any worse, but I was wrong. A year later, I was captured while making a food run, and incarcerated in one of those Dead Camps. I had heard the rumors of these places, but thought it was just stories from watching too much Schindler's List. Again, I was wrong.

Those five months were pure Hell -- each day I'd pray to a God I never believed in to end this living nightmare, but He wasn't listening. Seems He had other plans for us. I found myself comforting those more afraid than I was -- I finally found compassion for those less fortunate, because in the Dead Camp, we were all equal. I'd watch those chosen to be "processed" slowly die of starvation, then rise from the dead and be quickly herded into the "Dining Areas". A lot of us were targeted. I was one of the lucky ones, I think. I was chosen for "breeding", due to my looks and the rigorous exercise routines I kept even after civilization collapsed. Still, I knew that when my usefulness as a breeder was over, they'd have me for their next meal. Luckily, a resistance group broke me, and a few of the others, out of that Dead Camp before anything else could happen.

I never saw a Necrovore, but from what I hear, I could have been standing next to one, and not even know. But if I ever do see one, I swear to God I'll make it pay for what they are doing to us.

"I don't fear Hell. I've lived in a Dead Camp."

Art by WebTroll

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