Str 7 Dex 6 Con 6
Int 5 Per 4 Wil 4
DPs 75
EPs 60
Spd 24
Essence 32

The Necrovores can comprehend any language on Earth, and anyone who hears a Necrovore speak claims that it speaks in their native tongue. Occasionally, however, there is a "glitch" in their ability to decipher languages, as an inappropriate word will be placed in favor of the correct one, like "Would you care to pepper tonight?" instead of "Would you care to die tonight?"

Some say this is deliberate on the Necrovores' part -- wouldn't you be more likely to choose pepper instead of death? 

Brawling 3, Dodge 2 -- other skills vary and should be assigned as needed, and some are peculiar (such as Human Piggyback Riding!)

Tongue: On a successful Simple Dexterity Test, a long tentacle that comes to a sharp hollow point is propelled from the Necrovore's mouth and targets the heart of a Zombie. The tongue has a range of 5 yards. It is considered the greatest of delicacies of the Zombie anatomy. For every Turn, the tentacle penetrates the heart, it inflicts D6 x 2(4) damage.

Aura of Fear: Zombies instinctively (or what would pass for instincts) recognize a Necrovore as a predator on sight, and will avoid any encounters with one. If a roll is necessary, treat this as a Fear Test with a -10 penalty for the zombie.


How many dimensions have the Necrovores infested with their undead-raising magic? There would have to be other realms, as they have survived centuries away from our dimension, and these realms must contain humanoid species. The Necrovores eat nothing but undead human (or something very similar) flesh, which must be reanimated -- killing the zombies will incur the Necrovores' wrath, as they prefer (or most likely need) the still-animated corpses' flesh.

The tastes of the Necrovores varies. Some like their zombie flesh recently reanimated, while others tend to "season" their undead by keeping them around for a while, to shamble at their leisure. Two things are for sure -- they all save the heart for last, and prefer to eat the Zombie while it's still animated.

Art by WebTroll

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