Dear friends,

Here are some photos of the official presentation of AFMBE in the most important summer convention in Spain. In front of more that 100 persons our translator and myself explained AFMBE as if it were a survival manual in case of a zombie attack, using a slide show with shots of the book and the best zombie films. We also explained the game system and the history of the genre and different films etc.

At the end of the session, we surprised the audience showing a slide of your new president Bush, whom we accused of bringing into Spain toxic wastes of an unknown origin. Everyone laughed at the joke, as many had laughed during the whole presentation. The tongue-in-cheek approach in general proved successful, since we appeared to be serious about the danger of an attack.

When the show had finished, the audience was surprised by the attack of 19 zombies, who turned the meeting room upside down... The zombie then invaded the congress grounds as a whole, where more that 700 people were playing numerous games and participating in diverse activities. The zombies interrupted all the games, disrupted a game of Warhammer knocking the miniatures about, vomited blood (artificial, fortunately) on D&D character sheets and in general showed everyone who is who. The attack was well recieved, everyone enjoyed it (even the Warhammer players!) and the most important thing is that Zombie:AFMBE was the talk of the weekend and is present in everyone's mind. We haven't got the photos of the presentation itself yet. The room was so dark that many didn't turn out, so we're trying to recover some of them in the dark room. Anyway, here are some shots of the zombies invading the exterior, somewhat disorganized as zombies are want to be, but you can apreciate some details, such as our magnificent zombie bride (after Day of the Dead).

On the 1st of November, when Zombie:AFMBE in Spanish is a reality, we plan to do something similar in other conventions, using a halloween party. Thanks for your time and until our next communication.

Jose M. Rey
Edge Entertainment
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Here we have a horde of zombies in front of the convention hall.

The zombies are being led by the zombie bride to feast and feast again.

(More Images of zombies invading the convention hall...)


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