Str 2 Dex 2 Con 2
Int 4 Per 2 Wil 3
LPs 26
EPs 26
Spd 8
Essence 15

Addiction (Morphine) (-3)
Contacts (Medical Profession) 2 (2)
Resources (Middle-Class) (2)
Situational Awareness (2)

Dodge 2
First Aid 3
Hand Weapon (Club) 1
Hand Weapon (Knife/Scalpel) 2
Humanities (Natural History) 2
Humanities (Psychology) 1
Instruction 1
Medicine 4
Notice 3
Research/Investigation 2
Riding (Horse) 3
Science (Biology) 3
Unconventional Medicine (Experimental) 1
Writing (Academic) 2



Medical Bag (syringes, morphine, various common medicines).

No one at the asylum was prepared for our new patient, not even myself. I have never seen the like; it took four of the good constables and two of my burliest orderlies to drag her into the cell. Kicking, clawing and biting she was, clearly in the throes of some mania.

It is the eeriest thing -- even now in my office I can feel her watching me. Almost hungrily it seems.

I have had no luck in diagnosing her problem, and consultations with colleagues have revealed little. They too have been dealing with a growing number of cases afflicted with this mania; all of which have been picked up in the East End.

Clearly there is a larger pattern at work here, and time for a more detailed examination. I have ordered the orderlies to prepare the cage for her head. She has been most difficult to diagnose since no one, including myself has been able to get near her.

Her strength is quite prodigious, her energy nearly inexhaustible. I have yet to see her sleep. She refuses to communicate in anything other than that incessant moaning (that I confess chills me more than the ranting of the other patients) and she refuses to eat more than a mouthful of anything given her (though one orderly claims that she has bitten into the rats which seem drawn to her cell). Her frequent lunges and bites to the staff have
resulted in several of my orderlies taking to their beds ill.

"A disease? A mania? It is high time to get to the bottom of this mystery."


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