Death Metal Musician 

Str 3 Dex 4 Con 3
Int 3 Per 3 Wil 4
LPs 34
EPs 35
Spd 14
Essence 28

Artistic Talent (3)
Cruel 1 (-1)
Gift (5)
Inspiration (5)
Nerves of Steel (3)
Lazy (-2)
Resistance (Alcohol) 3 (3)
Resistance (Pain) 2 (2)
Showoff (-2)

Brawling 3
Dodge 2
Electronics 1
Escapism 2
Intimidation 3
Notice 1
Occult Knowledge 1
Play Instrument (Guitar) 5
Streetwise 4
Stealth 2



Guitar, Amp, Knife, Smokes

AWe were playin' on stage, me and my band Corpse Maggot, at this groovy place called The Crowbar.  The crowd was pumped and pretty wasted.  So were we, so the show was good.  Then this guy in the crowd goes nuts and starts attacking people, I mean, like, biting big chunks right out of 'em.  And of course we're on stage, and we're like, "Holy crap!"  This guy is, like, friggin' eating people, and the crowd is goin' God damn crazy.  But we don't stop playin.'  No way.  Hell, we played even harder.  Then some dudes got lit on fire, and the whole thing got way outta hand.  A bunch of folks got killed.  We bailed before the fuzz showed, so it was cool though.

When the gig was over, we started seein' more of this crap.  For us it was like a dream come true.  I mean we've been singin' this stuff for years, and now it finally comes to life.  I mean friggin' zombies man!  After all this time we've finally seen our dark vision come to life.  We've seen this on the horizon for decades, but no one wanted to listen to us.  They called us crazy.  We'll see who's crazy now.

So we just been kickin' back and relaxin', playin' more shows even though the crowds keep gettin' thinner.  But we're singin' a message, man.  The apocalypse is coming, and it's going to eat every bit of living flesh on this planet.  And I tell you man, the message is gettin' through.  People are startin' to listen.  They can hear it playin' in their ears, in their minds, and in their hearts . . . in their still, never-beating hearts.  All to the groove of the most brutal music to ever ring across this God forsaken earth -- Death Metal, the cadence of the apocalypse.

"Chopped In Half, Infected, Raging Corpse, Charnel Remains . . . they're all either bands I used to play in or people I used to know."


Submitted by  Jon Thompson

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