Str 3 Dex 5 Con 4
Int 2 Per 3 Wil 3
LPs 53
EPs 35
Spd 18
Essence 20

Contacts (Local Gossip Hounds) 2 (2)
Cowardly 1 (-1)
Cruel 1 (-1)
Fast Reaction Time (2)
Hard to Kill 5 (5)
Nerves of Steel (3)
Resistance (Fatigue) 2 (2)
Resources 1 (1)

Cheating 3
Craft (Butchery) 4
Dodge 2
Escapism 2
Haggling 5
Hand Weapon (Knife) 7
Notice 3
Science (Anatomy) 3
Sleight of Hand 4
Streetwise 4

Knife, Crappy Sedan, Radio, Shop, Meat

All I see is more meat, and chop chop chop, I chop it all up.  People scream about zombies running over the world.  So what!  It's all meat to me, and I can pick them apart like I would a steer.  Except they would kick less, hah hah!

Since I am the meat keeper, the zombies came to me first.  But I chopped them up, and now they don't come to me.  People think these zombies are stupid, but me, I notice things.  I got my ear to the ground, and these zombies are not so stupid.  The zombies look at me and they see the knife keeper, and they run away!  Or else I chop them to pieces.  I cut them up like a sweet venison.

Some day, these zombies might eat all the people in the world, and I don't think I care.  As long as they stay away from my shop, I'm fine.  If they come near me, then I'll chop them up.  But they won't do that because, like I said, these zombies, they're not so stupid . . .

"With a knife like this, the whole world is just one big rack of lamb."


Submitted by  Jon Thompson

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