Str 2 Dex 2 Con 2
Int 4 Per 2 Wil 2
LPs 26
EPs 23
Spd 8
Essence 14

Attractiveness 2 (2)
Charisma 3 (3)
Honorable (-2)
Minority (In England; "Foreigner") (-1)
Resources (Wealthy) (6)
Secret (Spy) (-3)

Bureaucracy 2
Dodge 1
Fine Arts (Painting) 1
Gambling 2
Hand Weapon (Foil/Rapier) 2
Humanities (History) 2
Humanities (Political Science) 3
Language (English) 3 (choose one European language as a native tongue)
Notice 2
Questioning 3
Riding (Horse) 2
Rituals (Royal Courts) 3
Seduction 2
Smooth Talking 2


Wardrobe of Fine Clothes, Several Rapiers (high quality), Letters/Papers of 
Identification, Money (in large quantities)

You are being aware of the Count's visit of course. How could you not be?  An important visit; the favorite nephew of the Emperor.

What you may not be of knowing is this:  If war is to be averted, what you tell me now is being of the uttermost importance.

The Count came back home a changed man -- an animal by all accounting.

The staff he had left, who ultimately succumbed to the same affliction after several days, related the Count's decline -- his fever, his illness and his mental (how do you be saying) degradation. Our Palace Physicians have traced the illness' roots here, to his stay in the Palace.

Enquiries, then demands, have been made through diplomatic channels, of course, but has your government responded?  No. Nothing.

Nothing at all.

So now they are being sending me.

I am aware of your pride in your country. I am aware that many of your fellow countrymen would consider consorting with me treasonous, but what you hear and what you tell me may, indeed, save lives.

Besides, this place is agreeing with me not. The inclement weather, the filthy air, I am knowing not how you can stand it. I am wishing to leave, and leave soon. But I can not be returning until I have the information that I have been sent for.

So here, take this coin.

Find out what you can and arrange to meet me.

I need to know all of the comings and goings of the Court. Leave nothing out.

I am scheduled to meet Her Majesty in a couple of days.

I wish not to be unprepared.

"I will go to any extent to find out any information."


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