They Came From Beyond

Submitted by  Jon Thompson

In this scenario, the zombies are not undead people, but rather they are aliens.  They come from another dimension wholly unlike our own.  Unfortunately, things have gotten a little crowded over there, so the zombies have started spilling into our world.  Fortunately, they found a yummy treat awaiting them at their arrival . . . people.

The zombies have decided to take over this world, but it is not going to be as easy as they hoped.  Energy works different here, and in order to "beam" in other zombies from the home world, the zombies need to feed on human essences and then spawn.  Fortunately for the humans, a few have caught on, and we just might stand a chance.  Well, maybe.

Without a doubt, this is one of the toughest campaigns the Zombie Master could run.  These zombies are very hard to kill, and they are nowhere near as mild as their companions in the above scenario.  They are going to consume as many humans as possible and bring in as many zombies as they can.  To balance things out, it is recommended that Zombie Masters place a limit of 10 Essence Points per day on the amount that a zombie can consume.  Of course, that's just if the players think they can't *handle* it . . .

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