Aces High: World War I Deadworld
Written by by Daniel R Davis


Historical Information
The Aerodrome: guys have an awesome site with plenty of WWI information regarding the pilots and planes of the era. They also have links to other WWI resource websites.

Game stats on the Fokker DR.1 and Sopwith Camel
Thom Marrion-Author of several Witchcraft RPG pieces including the Winter's Tale adventure in the WitchCraft Chronicler's Shield and the upcoming Sephiroth Book One: The Book of Hod, and Sephiroth Book Two: The Book of Geburah.

Online Resource Material (commonly referred to as websites) located by:
Evin Ager

Always give credit where credit is due. Thanks guys.


The Characters



The Conclusion


Deadworld by
Daniel R Davis-An avid gamer and creator of many things unpublished. Hopes to become a full time writer for a game company or designer of his own game system some day. Current projects in the works are: Ristaria the RPG and many more Deadworlds for the AFMBE RPG. Current pipe dreams: An online store for Print on Demand full length and fully detailed adventures and worlds for various game systems.

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