Aces High: World War I Deadworld
Written by by Daniel R Davis

The Conclusion

"The Red Baron cannot be destroyed until his past returns to haunt him."

Whether the Cast is allowed to figure this out or not, the Red Baron is invincible until his destiny comes to pass. That destiny lies in his 79th victim, Richard Raymond-Barker. Destiny and fate, in an attempt to right itself, allows the soul of this man to carry on with the thought that there is something that he must do. His ghostly form wanders the countryside until the fateful day when the Red Baron is chasing Wilifrid May above the trenches. Seeing the Red Baron's plane fly overhead, he realizes what he must do. He walks to one of the trenches where a dead soldier lies slumped over a Lewis machinegun. Sighting down the barrel at the red Fokker, he fires one burst. At the same time, Arthur Brown fires in a desperate attempt to bring down the Bloody Red Baron. The Red Baron moves as though turning his head, and his plane careens into the ground and disintegrates on impact, spreading debris all over the area. The plane bursts into flames. Anyone looking at the lone man in the trenches will see a look of peace comes over his features and then he fades away.

Afterward, no one wants to admit that a ghost stopped the Red Baron, so the kill is credited to Arthur Brown. Once the Red Baron is killed, the remaining adventure involves the destruction of the zombification facilities and the ending of the war.

One way that this scenario can be played so that the Cast gets to deal, not only with the Red Baron, but the ground troops as well, is to play it as a cliffhanger-like scenario. Have the players create two sets of characters, one set is a fighter squadron, the other is a ground unit. Switch off between the "scenes" of the pilots and the ground unit until you wish to end the game (in glorious fashion, hopefully).

The Characters



The Conclusion


Deadworld by
Daniel R Davis-An avid gamer and creator of many things unpublished. Hopes to become a full time writer for a game company or designer of his own game system some day. Current projects in the works are: Ristaria the RPG and many more Deadworlds for the AFMBE RPG. Current pipe dreams: An online store for Print on Demand full length and fully detailed adventures and worlds for various game systems.

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