Two Rotted Thumbs Up

Submitted by Greg H. and Nick S

This plot can be used in any small, rural town. I use Butler County, Pennsylvania (site of the Night of the Living Dead filming), upstate New York or West Virginia, usually.

As of yet, no one knows the zombie epidemic is in this area. It seems to be confined to Argos, and most people (including the military) still think it is insanity, rather than a case of the walking dead. But the smaller animal zombies have been making it past the military, due to their ignorance of the truth of the matter. Thus, all nearby towns and farmlands will soon find themselves dealing with the same issues. This seed takes place in just such a town.

Our heroes are all part of a filming crew, director, camera people, technicians, special effects engineers, actors or whatever. The town is perfect for their film! It's a zombie flick, all about some corpses climbing up and killing the living. In fact, the director once remarked "It's perfect! I'm surprised zombies haven't attacked it already!" Much laughter followed that playful remark. The director was right, though. The place is so secluded and with just the right amount of civilization as to make a wonderful setting for a horror film.

The movie starts off just fine. The first few scenes come off without a hitch. Everything's going well until the cemetery scene . . . An actor in make-up is supposed to come out from behind a tombstone and attack the hero/heroine (or any other convenient Supporting Cast member, at Zombie Master's discretion). Unfortunately, the actor was killed by a fresh zombie and instead of the man in the make-up shambling out, two zombies attacked.

The actual adventure could either start here, or directly after the attack, leaving the heroes to fend off three fresh zombies. Of course, they are in a cemetery at this point, so there is a lot the Zombie Master has to work with.

There are a lot of options open. Do the heroes just want to fight there way out of town and get to the authorities? Or do they want to film it on their way out, and sell it as a documentary after the whole thing is over? Or maybe they get trapped in an old farmhouse and things start happening eerily close to the script?

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