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V2 (Inspired by The Guns of Navarone)
Nazi scientists have hit upon the solution to take Britain out of the war. In a remote rocket base, the scientists have secretly been testing a toxin (or virus) based on the zombie serum. In gaseous form, this "Nerve Toxin M" can kill and then resurrect the newly dead. Unfortunately, the toxin is very difficult to manufacture. Also, the scientists have yet to succeed in making these zombies obedient to the Fatherland's cause. Finally, the zombies lack even the frighteningly low intelligence of the existing zombie army (but, of course, the hunger remains). This has made the new toxin impractical for home use.

However, if the toxin managed to be dropped on the major English cities, the devastation would be enormous. The cities' populations would perish and, rising again, would devour the remaining civilians and army. A major Allied stronghold would be smashed. Best of all, given the isolated nature of the British Isles, contamination of the continent is highly remote.

So, Nerve Toxin M has been loaded onto a collection of V2 Rockets kept at a secret base deep in a German forest and is ready for launching.

As usual with zombies, nothing runs smoothly. A canister cracked, and the toxin leaked and dispersed. Now, all living things for a quarter mile radius of the base are dead. And things are stirring in the woods . . .

The Cast
This setting can be approached from a couple of angles.

The Allies: Through a daring spy success, the Allies have gotten wind of the "secret." Some in the War Cabinet believe it could be put to Allied use. After all, how long could the Germans maintain their push, if they are being attacked from within. The risk is minimal: being an island works both ways. The Cast Members are sent in to retrieve the toxin. Alternatively, for those of a particularly nasty bent, the Cast could be assigned to simply stop the rockets, and not told about the toxin. The Allies are unaware of the accident, and Zombie Masters could play up the "race against time" angle.

Parachuted in behind enemy lines, danger lurks in the forest and base. Likewise, secrets can be revealed, and players forced to to decide whether to destroy the toxin and all the records pertaining to it, to take the details home (for the more career-minded), or even retarget the V2s (definite promotion possibilities). However, things are complicated by the arrival of a crack German squad.

The Germans: The Fatherland needs you. Contact has been lost with one of the V2 bases, and it is believed that the Allies may be involved. Take a squad, secure the base and report back to German HQ. It is imperative that you launch the missiles.

The Cast Members are highly trained German soldiers sent on this mission. When they get there they discover the base in ruins and many of the occupants staggering around strangely. Does the squad discover the cause? Does it realise the consequences? Does it launch the missiles or destroy the evidence of the toxin? Does it notice the arrival of an Allied squad?

Various Consequences
There are several possibilities for Zombie Masters here.

Infection: What would happen if one unlucky trooper became victim to a weakened pocket of the toxin and began to "feel a little odd?"

Launch: The V2 rockets reach Britain and give rise to a full zombie problem similar to Rise of the Walking Dead (although set in the 40s). What consequences lie in wait for the Allied Cast should they make it back to Blighty?

Backlash: Similarly, what would be the result of the toxin spreading through Germany? A living army, an undead army, wandering zombies and a multitude of victims -- quite an stressful mixture.

Strange Bedfellows: Zombie Masters also have the option of trapping squads behind enemy lines, as the war efforts of both sides descend into chaos and villages and towns are taken over by zombies. Could soldiers of both sides work together? Or are the differences too great? Endless possibilites to make a bloody conflict bloodier still.


The Bridge (Inspired by A Bridge Too Far)
The German forces are pushing onwards and are relentless. As the fragmented Allies are forced back in tatters, they withdraw across a wide river, a natural barrier. This should at least delay the push and give the Allies valuable time to regroup. Bridges along the length of the river have been blown, and only one remains.

Matters are complicated by a medical convoy. Carrying many wounded, they have broken down, and are in danger of being overtaken by the German forces. For now, the standing orders are: the bridge must be held until they cross.

The Cast
The players are part of a squadron who have "volunteered" to stay behind, await, and, if necessary, protect the convoy. Having done so, they are to hamper the German army by causing as much damage as possible. Should things go wrong, they are to blow the bridge as a last measure.

The operation was going fine while the opposition was alive. Now, two days later, the convoy still has not arrived and no matter how many hits the enemy soldiers take, they just keep coming. They are slowly advancing and building a spearhead. The brid ge is in danger of being captured. Where is the damned convoy?

Story Possibilities
Waiting Game: Zombie Masters can work on building the tension during the two-day wait. Incomplete radio transmissions from the convoy ("We're zzzzzt hours away"), German patrols searching for alternative river crossings, snipers hidden downriver, a low flying strafing run from a couple of Luftwaffe planes, German squads (with those wonderful grenades) attempting to cross. Build a sense of victory (a squad defeated, a plane shot down) and hint that the bridge can be held. Then . . . send in the zombies!

The Decoy: From over a hill roars the convoy at full speed accompanied by an APC. In a desperate and daring manouevre, the convoy smashes through the back of the Germans, catching them off guard, and roars onto the bridge to safety. Except . . . perhaps that isn't the convoy the Cast are expecting. Perhaps, the twitching bodies in the trucks made a meal of the real convoy. And why doesn't the APC driver speak English? And why are the Germans now charging?

SNAFU: The Germans have openned a hole in the Allied lines. It's time to set off the charges and let the convoy take its chances. The plungers are depressed and . . . nothing happens. Men are needed to go onto the bridge and sort out the problem. (Guess who is hand-picked?)

The End Around: While defending the bridge, the Cast notice Germans sneaking across the river (with lurching companions). Wouldn't it be a shame if the Germans had found a way to flank the Allies by crossing this stretch of the river, and the Cast found themselves between a rock and a hard place! How can the Cast halt this new crossing point, and the advance of the German army?

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