Dungeons and Zombies Errata
Sometimes mistakes happen again...no matter how long we work on a book.

The Elf and Dwarf Racial Qualities and the Ranger Profession Quality all list levels of "Socially Inept" as a Drawback. Somehow this Drawback was cut somewhere along the line. It is as follows:

Socially Inept 
1 point per level Drawback 

Some people might be the nicest folk you'd ever want to know, but have the social graces of a head of cabbage. This Drawback provides a penalty to socially-based Tasks or Tests (such as Seduction, Questioning, etc.) equal to the Drawback's value. Situations in which this Drawback applies are generally left to the ZM's discretion.

(It's functionally similar to negative Charisma, which may be why it was cut, but represents a lack of social graces rather than just a lack of presence or magnetism. If we don't want to list a full Drawback in errata, substituting a negative Charisma for Dwarves, Elves, and Rangers should work just as well.)

The correct damage for the minotaur's horns is as listed in the Quality (p. 24), not in the archetype (p. 95).

Page 83: Also, the Dragon's Life Points are incorrect. Somehow they got copied from the dracozombie. The correct LP total for dragons should be 180.









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